The Benefits of a 24 Hour on Call Service

24 Hour on call service operates around the clock, meaning that no matter what the time, you can answer any phone call. This service can save your business money and time because non-emergency calls can be forwarded to the appropriate person later. If you’re not available at the time, you can simply have these calls emailed to you or sent by text. The benefits of a 24 Hour on call service are numerous.

While the practice is still controversial, many universities in Quebec have taken steps to change the system. Instead of 24-hour on-call shifts, most universities have replaced them with shifts of twelve to sixteen hours. These changes allow resident coordinators to tailor the work environment to accommodate the schedules of their residents. In the process, many residents have begun to question the wisdom of 24-hour on call shifts. The issue has also been fueled by a recent lawsuit from a resident physician in Quebec.

Working a 24-hour shift can be stressful and draining. Many people fail to eat regularly because they feel too busy. Sadly, this can result in fatigue and health problems. To combat this, make sure to pack enough food for the shift. At least three substantial meals a day will help keep you fueled and prevent fatigue. If you can’t manage a meal plan, check out this video that delves into proper timing of meals.

In New York, the Home Care Association of New York State, the organization that represents home care employers, says this bill would help protect workers’ health and prevent a vulnerable workforce from being underpaid. A proposed bill by Assemblyman Harvey Epstein to ban 24-hour shifts would also ensure that workers are paid. If it passes, this bill will likely pass as a law, which will be passed this year. In addition, the AIW is pursuing other steps to make 24-hour shifts illegal.